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PlanToDig Service
Why Use PlanToDig?
Need to know who has services at or near your Site?  A PlanToDig Enquiry will tell who you they are and let you ask for Plans.
Gas Networks
Find Gas Distributors and Gas Transporters who may be on your Site.
Electricity cables do not always belong to the company that bills are paid to. Find out who may be at or near your Site.
Water & Drainage
Fresh-water and Sewerage is sometimes provided by totally different suppliers.
Find the owners of Cables / Fibre-optics, and providers of Mobile networks, some of which you may never have even heard of.
Traffic & Lighting
Ask for Traffic Management / Street-lighting if your Site is on Public Streets/Roads, and the local authority provides plans.
Specialist Reports
Find any Mining History at your Site / ask for Railway Plans if your Site is near a railway.
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What is it?
PlanToDig is the UK's leading service for Utility Searches / Dial Before You Dig enquiries. Online 24/7, it is used by thousands of professionals and private users; PlanToDig is for everyone who wishes to work safer.
Why should I use it?
Need to locate electricity / gas / pipelines / telecoms / water & sewers etc.? Identify your site and PlanToDig will tell you who might have buried services there; you select those you need Plans for.
How much is it?
If you are willing to do all the work needed, your Enquiry is free (but you are still liable for any Asset Owner charges). We offer a service to do it all for you, priced per Enquiry. The choice is yours.
What Plans can I get?
From a single Plan to a full Site Search - and everything inbetween! Read more
What will I receive?
Make 1 Enquiry, choose who to Contact for their Plans. Read more
How quickly?
We can do it all for you, or help you make a free Enquiry. Read more