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Dial Before You Dig (UK)
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Dial Before You Dig is a service provided by National One Call


Dial Before You Dig

Anyone planning or excavating for any site in the UK - from major contractors to utilities, authorities to private citizens - can get plans of buried services from all known asset owners, for any purpose.

Simply register for free with National One Call, locate your site, mark up the online plan and state your work intentions, then choose between SelfPlan (where you do all the work) or Retriever (where we do it all for you):


Retriever - Dial Before You Dig for Professionals

We do everything for you and deliver your Planning Pack in 12-15 working days, usually for just £99*.  Your pack includes each plan, any Not-Affected statements, certification and copies of any invoices from any utilities that charged for searching their records. 
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Other Services

Additional Retriever Services

We join with our InSite partners to offer additional services including Express, E-Plan, Multiple Planning Packs, Fusion Plan and Surveys.
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SelfPlan - our Free Public Service*

We give you the plan you created, a standard letter, the list of possible contacts, and a checklist for recording responses etc, totally free of charge. You then do all the contacting, paying of any charges, collating of utility plans, recording replies, chasing up late responses etc.
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* Note that some utilities charge for plans. You are liable for these costs whether you choose SelfPlan or Retriever.

Utilities and Asset Owners

We have a range of services that only asset owners can use. There are of course no charges to be a receiver of enquiries through Dial Before You Dig and we provide you with AssetGuard for free to manage and respond.



We provide a free service called AssetGuard that sends enquiries to every asset owner, and lets them go online to make an instant response. AssetGuard also has free enquiry manager and scheduling functions.
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UtilityLink lets asset owners and authorities make unlimited enquiries between themselves for their own planning needs, using the same tools to make contact, record and monitor that we use for Retriever except that responses come to directly you to deal with, not to us.
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We have a service called PlanBroker where we provide plans and responses for all enquiries to the asset owner.  Search conducted, plans provided, standard documents used, charges collected, plant-protection officers alerted.  Free up staff to protect plant, not provide plans.
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Authorities - Monitoring and Coordination

We have a very special free service called Monitor which authorities can use to help manage work intentions in their area.


We provide a free service called HawkEye that lets every UK authority receive details of every enquiry in their authority area, whether or not the enquirer requested contact with the authority.  With settings for the kinds of enquiries they wish to see, Monitor aids hard-pushed authorities.
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InSite Services (Beyond Utility Plans)

National One Call offers a range of services for those jobs that require more accurate and detailed information about the site when planning, or can provide you with services such as site investigation, excavation, plant hire etc when undertaking works. These services are provided by specialist members of our InSite Network who we contract with to supply these to you.


Fusion Plans/Surveys

Our InSite Survey Services massively reduce that risk by finding out precisely what you are dealing with on that your site and because we have a range of services you can choose the one that best suits the requirement you have per site.
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