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Dial Before You Dig (UK)
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Dial Before You Dig is a service provided by National One Call


Dial Before You Dig  /  SelfPlan

We cannot help you beat the recession but we can help you to live through it.

Totally Free - no charge to either enquirers or asset owners. Any user, any UK site, any work intentions, contact all asset owners.

Who is it for?

A free Dial Before You Dig service

It is a totally free service - enquirers use the best service of its kind to locate their site and get in touch with all known utilities, authorities and pipeline owners anywhere in the UK to request plans from them. We do not make any charge to either the enquirer or the asset owners - this is a genuinely free service that anyone can use.

You are however still liable for charges that some asset owners make for their plans.

There must be a catch, surely?

No catch at all. You register with us which is free, we send you an activation code and you sign in.

You can then create enquiries for plans anywhere in the UK using National One Call, the same service that our paying clients use. Locate the site, mark up the plan and tell us about any works you intend to do.

We give you a quote for making the Enquiry through our Retriever service and give you the choice of us doing it for you, or you can choose to do it free yourself using SelfPlan.

If you choose SelfPlan we give you all the information you need - the same information that we use - and you conduct the Enquiry yourself.

Rules about using SelfPlan

How does SelfPlan Work?

SelfPlan vs Retriever - Who Does What?

Service Option The Enquiry Managing Responses Price
Make Enquiry Make Contacts Receive Record Monitor Progress Chasing Compile Pack (per Enquiry)
SelfPlan You You You You You You You £0.00
Retriever You / Us Us Us Us Us Us Us £99.00

If you wish to endorse or sponsor SelfPlan and be seen by enquirers and asset owners as a supporter of safety and services protection, email us at to find out more.

Who uses Dial Before You Dig?

We have a wide range of clients, from private citizens to blue-chip companies, government authorities to major utilities, needing utility plans for works or planning. New clients join us daily as they see the benefits of Dial Before You Dig. There are no registration fees and no costs for adding users. Corporate clients have account facilities and receive preferential rates for high volumes of enquiries or special projects. We have a Projects Team for very large or long-term planning requirements.

Quite a few of the organisations that we contact for their plans - utilities / authorities etc - also use our services to get plans for their own works.

Our InSite Partners are generally Retriever clients who are able to provide quotes for their own specialist services. Due to our quality and price, our Retriever service is often used by organisations who offer a similar service to their own clients.

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