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Three Rivers

About the Authority...

Authority Three Rivers District Council
Three Rivers House
Phone 01923 776611

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 Three Rivers

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Potential Contacts through a National One Call Enquiry

Authority Contacts
(Includes Highway / Trunk Route Managers)
Authority Documents Number of Authorities
Asset Plans 1
Drainage & Gulley Plans 1
Grouped Services 1
Specialist Site Reports 1
Street Lighting Plans 1
Traffic Control Plans 1

Asset Owners in the area

(Includes multi-utility companies)
Organisation Type Number of Contacts
Asset Owner (Pipeline) 1
Asset Owner (Telecoms) 1
Electricity 5
Gas 5
Grouped Services 1
Multi-utility 3
Pipeline 7
Telecommunications 22
Water / Drainage 2

Total number of possible contacts: 54 (includes multiple internal contacts)

Want a Free Enquiry?  Here is how to do it.

Create your Enquiry and select SelfPlan
and we will give you the documents and contacts.

Schedule time that you can dedicate to your SelfPlan enquiry. 
You will require an average of 1 hour per contact, so in this case you need to find

54 hours, which is @7.30 working days.

And you will still have to pay Asset Owner Charges.

Charges made by Asset Owners in Three Rivers

Known Charges for plans from Asset Owners 437.30
VAT (20%) 87.46
Total Charges 524.76

If you select to use SelfPlan, you should add in what your 'free' enquiry has actually cost your business

Best Case: 54 working hours @ 10 per hour (not counting lost sales / other work backlogs): 540.00

Total Cost to your Business of a Free Enquiry


Indicative price for a National One Call Retriever Enquiry in Three Rivers

Enquiry Fee (see 1 below) 99.00
Known Charges for plans from Asset Owners (see 2 below) 437.30
Enquiry Price 536.30
VAT (20%) 107.26
Enquiry Total Price 643.56

1) 99 is the fee for a Standard Site of up to 1 linear km or 25 hectares.  For an accurate fee create the enquiry and save it as a Quotation.

2) Charges for plans are indicative only, subject to your selection of who to contact, our verification of each asset owner interest in the actual site identified in the enquiry, and their confirmation of their charges for plans for your enquiry.

Note that asset owner charges often vary according to the actual size of the site you identify in your enquiry, your work intentions, and the consequent size / number / scale of printed plans required.

Further Options for your Enquiry

E-Plan - have the plans scanned and provided on USB pen drive (jpeg / PDF format) - 50.00
Fusion Plan - our Partners can integrate the plans into one multi-layered CAD / PDF drawing - Quoted according to site
Survey - get a site survey done by our Partners, from a site mark-up to full topographical - Quoted according to site.


Planning Pack delivered in 12 to 15 working days
All utility plans, 'Not Affected' statements, CORE Certificate & copies of charges invoices