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Dial Before You Dig (UK)
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Dial Before You Dig is a service provided by National One Call

InSite Partner Network

We have hundreds of clients looking for specialist services throughout the UK, and a network of professional partners who provide these services through our InSite Network.

How does InSite work?

InSite is where our some of our clients become our partners to provide a one-stop-shop service for plans, drawings and surveys with the best service provided by the best professionals at the most competitive prices, and to provide this service throughout the UK to anyone with the need.

Everyone making an Enquiry on National One Call is able to request InSite services by simply ticking boxes or selecting options. They define the location, mark up the extents of the site and select any InSite Services they need quotations for.

At present they can request quotes for:

We will be adding other services in the near future.

We process the Dial Before You Dig side of their enquiry to obtain the asset owner plans, and we clarify their requirements for InSite services. Once we have established exactly what they need and when we move these opportunities out to our Partners on the InSite Network.

We match the service and location of the site to members of the Partner Network and request quotations with a 3-day deadline. We give a very prescriptive definition of the service required, one that is shared with the client.

The best quote(s) - not always gauged on price - are discussed with and offered to the client and if accepted the successful Partner is awarded a fixed-price contract from National One Call. We make all the arrangements for scheduling, billing, administration etc for both the client and the Partner.

Partners that submitted quotes that were not successful are given feedback on why their quote was not accepted, including some clues about price and service offering.

With online management and analysis tools on National One Call, InSite Partners build up a portfolio of quotes and contracts, helping to refine their products, services, pricing and approach to win even more business.

Who can join?

Everyone can join National One Call to use the Dial Before You Dig service but only clients that can actually provide InSite services can join the InSite Network as a Partner. We check every application to ensure that the applicant actually offers the InSite services they apply to provide.

Does it work?

Within the past few months we have awarded a wide range of contracts to our InSite Partners including a £22,000 contract to provide Fusion Plans for a single route, and a £30,000 contract for a services and topographical survey.

Click here to see how we went about winning business for one particular project for one client, EirGrid.

Most of our contracts are between £400 and £3,500 and we have commissioned work in every part of the UK which is why we look for Partners of every size in every part of the UK.

We have a remarkable 97% success rate of quote acceptance by our clients for InSite services. They buy through us because they have experienced the quality and value of our Dial Before You Dig service and know our attention to detail and client satisfaction. They like us and trust us and we don't let them down when we provide them with that elusive one-stop-shop for all their requirements.

We have a network of partners who provide specialist services to Dial Before You Dig clients. When any client makes a Retriever Enquiry they can request quotations for:

A Fusion Plan  (to have all the utility plans put into one drawing)
A Site Mark-up  (if they plan to work immediately)
Site Surveys  (to have the whole site documented)

Click here for more details on InSite services.

The request is passed to the specialists on our InSite Partner Network who provide competitive quotations. If the client accepts the winning quotation we give the Partner a contract for the work and the client receives a single bill.

To be an InSite Partner register with us and complete the application. Applications are subject to review by National One Call.

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