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Dial Before You Dig is a service provided by National One Call


Authorities  /  HawkEye

HawkEye is a free service from National One Call to every UK authority to let them see enquiries made through Dial Before You Dig.

HawkEye is a fully managed service. No capital outlay, no set-up costs and no hardware, software or data to buy. 

HawkEye is a totally free service to all UK authorities.

How does it work?

As an authority, you have a free presence on the Dial Before You Dig service provided by National One Call. 

Authorities using HawkEye have a setting that allows them to receive a copy of any enquiry that is made within their authority area.  With setting options for Works Only or All Enquiries, this very powerful tool automatically sends details of works and intentions to the designated authority contact.

Both SelfPlan and Retriever enquiries are copied to the authority, giving them the opportunity to a) pick up any enquiries that they should have been consulted on and b) add this information to that they already have regarding works in their authority area.

What are the possibilities for HawkEye?

HawkEye opens up opportunities to authorities to streamline pre-works information and coordination, and even to reduce costs, yet substantially increase the knowledge about what is happening in the authority area.

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