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Dial Before You Dig (UK)
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Dial Before You Dig is a service provided by National One Call

Buddy Programme

Everyone can be a National One Call Buddy!

Whether you are a civil engineer, a contractor, a utility, a special interest group, or something completely away from the industry - even a self employed individual - your recommendation to others to be a National One Call user will help with safety and co-ordination all the time improving how the UK does its planning and excavation planning.

And an added bonus is that by simply using your contacts and recommending an organisation or individual to use National One Call, and providing them with your Buddy Code, you receive a commission of £4.95 for every Retriever Enquiry your contacts make.

How does it work?

You have seen the incredible power and value for money that National One Call offers and you recommend us to your colleagues / contacts etc who are likely to need our service. You are registered with us, and received a Buddy Code when you did so. You can sign in to National One Call at any time and access your Buddy account to see your Buddy Code and print off information to provide to your contacts as flyers or even by email. You refer National One Call to your colleagues & contacts and when they register with us they do so using your Buddy Code to tell us who recommended them.

Put a referring link on your website like the following examples and your customers / clients etc will be taken directly to National One Call and can make enquiries with your Buddy Code. If they register with us, your Buddy Code is quoted for every enquiry they ever make. Note that commission is only paid for Retriever Enquiries.

Examples of Links

Hyperlink National One Call

Link using the following:[your Buddy Code]
You can use any description for the link itself, e.g. 'Click here for Plans'

You are credited for every Retriever Enquiry that your contacts make, increasing safety to people, protection for services and coordination of work intentions. So the more recommendations you make that use your Buddy Code, the more commission you receive, and there is no limit on the amount of commission you can receive. Commission is paid for completed jobs, payment is made quarterly in arrears.

When you sign in to National One Call you can see your live and up-to-date accumulated commission, and you can be proud that you are contributing to improving safety and co-ordination by being a Buddy to others.

How do I become a National One Call Buddy?

If you are already registered on National One Call you can already be a Buddy. Simply use the Buddy Programme console to create flyers to give to others, or to email your flyer to contacts. You can track your Buddies and your contacts from the console. Participation in the Buddy Programme is of course totally optional. If you are not registered and should be so, you can register as any type of user and you will be provided with Buddy facilities.

Organisations and people who do not require planning facilities themselves can register to be a Buddy:

  1. Register with us. You will be sent a confirmation email containing an Activation Code.
  2. Sign in to National One Call using your user name and password. Enter your Activation Code when prompted.
  3. Go to your Buddy Account and you will be guided through what it means to be a National One Call Buddy.
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