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Dial Before You Dig (UK)
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Dial Before You Dig is a service provided by National One Call

Becoming a National One Call Agent

Got a lot of contacts that should use Dial Before You Dig? 

Made redundant / looking for work in planning?

Want to have your own business or a very good second income? 

Why not become a National One Call Agent.

What does an Agent do?

National One Call Agents have a self-employed status and promote our service to their contacts, and we pay them for every new client and every enquiry that their client ever makes. 

Yes, that's right - we pay our Agents a commission for every enquiry that the new clients they bring to us ever make.

Who can be an Agent?

We look for people that have a background in civil engineering / surveying / planning etc who understand and are familiar with the issues our clients face about getting plans / licenses / surveys etc for their sites.

Agents may be totally committed to being a full-time Agent or they may perhaps add it to their existing consultancy services - as it is your business then it is up to you how you run it.

Becoming a National One Call Agent could not be simpler and costs you nothing at all.

Apply to become an Agent with us by telling us about yourself and your background here.  Subject to our review of your application, we will send you details and worked examples of how being an Agent works and if you like what you see and you wish to go ahead we will assign you a unique Agent Code and send you an Agent Pack.

We do not want your money!  Keep your savings / redundancy money etc and do not sell your car or remortgage your house to become a National One Call Agent.  Becoming and being a National One Call Agent is totally free.

Agent status can also be awarded to groups / organisations who wish to promote the use of National One Call services to their members / users / clients. Contact us for more information.

How does it Work?

As an approved National One Call Agent, you recommend National One Call to your clients and contacts and they sign up using your Agent Code that you provide them with.  We account to you for every enquiry your contacts make and send you your commission payments.  It really is as simple as that.

If you choose to you can make your contact details available on National One Call to potential clients who perhaps wish to talk with someone locally about how National One Call can work for them, and of course when they sign up using your Agent Code you begin to receive commission payments for their enquiries.

There are no caps or limits to the amount of commission an Agent can earn - your income is decided totally by the number of new clients that you add to your portfolio, and the number of enquiries your clients make.

When clients experience the high standard of service that National One Call provides they tend to add new users / depots / offices etc to their account, and the National One Call Service Centre takes care of this for both you and the client.  The important thing to you the Agent is that you receive your commission for all enquiries made in the name of your client.

Interested in being a National One Call Agent?  Tell us about yourself here
and we will send you details of how being an Agent could work for you.

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