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Dial Before You Dig (UK)
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National One Call

Dial Before You Dig is a service provided by National One Call

About Us

National One Call offers services to everyone who requires plans, any asset owner who wishes to protect plant and every authority with a duty to co-ordinate works intentions.

Independently owned, National One Call is not funded by government or driven by any specific industry group.


National One Call is the UK's Dial Before You Dig service and has a background of over 30 years combined experience of successful delivery of enquiry and protection services throughout the UK. The service is totally driven to provide the best quality and attention to detail at the best price and value possible to clients of all types.

Our directors devised and delivered the Susiephone system as the Scottish Road Works Register, provided the Cheshire Trial for protecting pipelines to the Pipeline Industries Guild, gave Northern Ireland its roadworks register that is still in use today (NISRANS), and created the Moleseye system and service that was bought by MapInfo, then rebadged as Pitney Bowes MapInfo One Call when MapInfo was itself bought out.

Covering all areas

There are other Dial Before You Dig services in the UK but these are usually only for one specific company or a small group of utilities at best. National One Call goes to all utilities, all pipeline owners and all authorities, UK-wide.

We provide a totally free public service called SelfPlan that gives a complete list of all possible contacts for any UK site. Clients with the time and tenacity can use the same information that we use to make their own enquiries.

Our Retriever service is all about taking away all the difficulty, expense, worry and pain of making or handling enquiries for plans & information. A Retriever enquiry usually costs just £99 and an average enquiry is sent to 25 different organisations, although this can be up to 60 organisations in places like London.

We can also get mining records where needed and have in the past contacted organisations such as British Airports Authority (BAA) and local harbour masters where appropriate for a particular site enquiry.

Our prices are lower than any competitor - up to £300 lower - and yet we have the best turnaround times and our customers give us more and more of their business and happily recommend us to others.

Our turnaround time is 12-15 working days. We provide free online services to the utilities and the other asset owners to encourage them to respond as quickly as possible to enquiries, and we progress-chase responses. We pass on any charges made by asset owners for plans as disbursements, without mark up. When we deliver the Planning Pack to you we provide you with a copy of all invoices for charges.

Our InSite Partner Network connects to many specialist services providers that the enquirer can select to add to their enquiry, e.g. topographical survey / site mark-up etc. All of our clients can themselves join the Partner Network and offer their products and services.

We administer Retriever enquiries from start to finish, including distributing requests for plans to all contacts, payment of any charges, arranging Partner Network services, clarifying intentions, progress-chasing of responses, compilation of the Planning Pack and delivery to the enquirer.

Enquirers can go online 24/7 and see progress of their enquiries, and receivers of the enquiry - utilities, authorities and pipeline owners - can themselves go online and review / respond to enquiries. The Planning Pack delivered to the enquirer within 12 to 15 working days contains all the plans and documents received in reply to the enquiry - including 'Not Affected' responses, a Certificate that summarises the enquiry and results, and copies of any invoices for charges.

We also have services for asset owners and authorities that offer opportunity for them to reduce costs yet increase protection, quality and safety. Our PlanBroker service can deliver plans and responses on behalf of an asset owner within 1 working day of the enquiry and handles enquiries from all sources including those from other utilities. We provide a FREE service to every asset owner in the UK to let them respond to enquiries. AssetGuard provides a scheduling tool as well as the ability to respond immediately and online and offers massive opportunities to reduce costs and overheads yet cut down on response times.

Utilities and other asset owners can use our UtilityLink service to request plans from other utilities for their own works, removing the need to keep and update lists of contacts. By using UtilityLink service all contacts are made and responses can be managed online. We support the work of industry bodies as well as academic and operational research, and campaign to promote good practices in all aspects of safety for planners, plant protection for asset owners, and coordination for authorities.

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